Battery Storage

Battery Storage – Which helps to store the energy produced by the Solar PV panels

This inevitably goes hand in hand with your PV solar panels.

This helps to store the excess energy which is produced during the daylight hours that can be utilised early in the morning and in the evening. Generally when most of the power consumption occurs and can be harnessed for your own use rather than get a less attractive payback when exported to the national grid.

Here at NGRE we understand how to help you make the most of your home energy consumption. We are at the forefront of domestic solar storage installations and Smart Battery technology, helping many customers to take advantage of the energy produced from the solar panels.

By maximising this energy with  we give you access to Solax technology that will help you significantly reduce your energy costs, add value to your property, and also help reduce your carbon footprint.

We are experienced in helping homeowners, looking to lower their home’s running costs, environmentally conscious individuals looking to help the environment and those looking to increase their home’s valuation.

Through expert installation of domestic solar panels, we can help find your ideal solution. We can also help you start to think smartly about long-term energy consumption in the home and all of the associated costs that go with it.

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